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Project Description
The purpose of this project is to create an application that can be used by golfers to keep track of their game. The application allows for the user to input the date the golf round was played, the name of the course, their score, the rating of the course and the slope of the course. The program uses this information to determine the golfer's average per round score and their handicap.

In order to properly determine your golf handicap, you need to use your last 5 rounds. Therefore, the handicap feature will show as 0 until 5 rounds have been added to the application.

Prior to running this application you will need to insure that the database is stored at the following path on your computer:

C:/Golf Game Tracker/

You will need to have the .Net Framework 3.5 installed on your computer in order for the application to run properly.

I'm still learning how to program and value the opinion/feedback of the users. Therefore, I ask that once you use the software/review it that you please visit the Discussions section of this project and leave your feedback for me. I have also added a discussion thread for items users would like to see added to the program in the future.

It is official as of 4/18/2008 Golf Game Tracker has hit the 100 download mark. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it. I would love to hear from you regarding how it is working and even what isn't working. I'm also thinking of updating some things and would love to hear your suggestions as to what I should consider including.

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